Three Things we do not Learn in School

They did not teach us the most important skills in life. There are three areas which are completely overlooked by all western public teaching systems. What a pity that those areas are the ones that are most likely to determine your success, fulfillment and happiness in life.

1. Money
Everybody wants to be wealthy. But, nearly nobody understands the principles behind the economy. What are the three main resources in economics? How does the economy work? What are companies? What is the value of time? What is the equivalent value of money? Why people go to work? The older the man, the more wealthy on average he is – why that? For what do we money really need? What are the real needs satisfied by products and services?

Unless you were born into wealth, have enormous self-tough skills or mentors in your youth and understand how to make your money and time work for you, developed positive mindsets and know the difference between consumption and investment, you are likely to slave your life away for paychecks.

2. Health
Everybody wants to be healthy. But, in school time this was rarely the topic. How a healthy lifestyle looks like? Do I need to do sports? How many and what kind of sport is suitable for me? Can I eat fast food? Even, what and how many should I eat and drink? What tastes good, why that and does this matter? Where, how and when people are in most danger in life? Is there such a thing like mental health?

Food pyramids, statistics and articles show just a starting point. How the actual implementation looks like? The more healthy you live, the longer and better life will be. Start to think about both, the physical movements and mental states in your daily life.

3. Social Skills
Everybody wants to be a good worker, friend, parent, lover and partner. How, where and when do I find my partner? What man love in women? What do women love in men? The ability to connect emotionally, understand human behavior, generate attraction are defining skills that lead to either a life with relationships, love and sex or long periods of enforced celibacy and loneliness.

Most people settle for relationships that are based on scarcity. They meet directly within their social, work and study circles. What is the chance that you will find a sexy and smart girl or guy who is truly compatible with you from that? Even if this person drifts into your orbit, without the understanding of sexual psychology and abilities to trigger it you will not get far anyway. Who you decide to spend long periods with, later who you marry and have children with is one of the most important decisions in your life. The man or women of your dream, is not likely to be in your direct circle. Choosing the wrong person will lead to divorce, losing most of your assets, break up your kids up and wasting your peak years. So, how do you get to know man and women outside from the existing social circles? And, how do you establish and maintain healthy, happy and long-term relationships?

Results of not Addressing 1. 2. and 3.
Many men who have come into those three spheres treat them as a hobby, as a topic of interest. As if, getting good at this is optional and if they choose not to commit to mastering those they will somehow end up anyway. Limiting beliefs can be a barrier. Surprisingly, all three are helping each other. Ultimately, great social skills, good health and wealth are not optional!

Ways Out
Most men who became really good at this three spheres, made it a priority for a couple of years. Take an honest look at your life and if you know you are struggling with one of above, it is time to commit with all your heart. Take action, learn! Those are the most important skills in terms of what it will give to you in life: happiness, joy, connection and fulfillment. You must learn those survival skills. Most people do not make these decisions at all. They simply let fate decide. They date random people. They do random sports. They do non-economical decisions, like credit usage for consumption. That is awful. Take a look at the average people. You need to commit to those themes and show some autodidacticism or talk to others with the same interest! Take responsibility. You have to master this because this will make you happy in life. You need to go and proactively find your partner, become wealthy and take care of your health!

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