Basic Knowledge

Basic Stock Market Knowledge
During our personal education we gathered some interesting insights and would like to discuss crucial key points. You will find these inputs / discussion below. If you have any interesting furter point for investigarions please please share your thoughts.

Are People More Happy by Living Economical or Consume as its Best?
Discussions about the nature and motivation of saving and investing towards financial independence.

A discussion about the general two approaches of diversification in finance.

Why Household Budgeting?
Detailed explanation why budgeting matters and is important in order to achieve personal live goals.

Factors of Influence (planned)
Gives an overview of the fundamental factors of influence at growing dividend portfolios.

Are there Free Lunches at the Stock Markets? (planned)
Many well known people say: ‘There are no free lunches at the stock markets’. This is a critical assessment of this famous sentence and the evidence of existing arbitrage opportunities for private investors.

How high are Eternal Yields? (planned)
Discussion about eternal incomes due to buy-and-hold strategies.

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