Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Startup Funnel of Ideas

You never fail until you stop trying.

— Albert Einstein

Yes, we are going to use that word. Startup. And since this was not in any of our original plans, let us see how we got to where we are now.

Thousands of Ideas

We are always looking at the world and thinking it can be improved in some way. Every mechanical device has some deficiency that can be remedied and every parking lot could be better designed. Even the line at the local coffee shop could be optimized.

But we are also a skeptic. We love shooting down our own ideas as technically unworkable or financially impractical. And we are also happy to shoot down the ideas of others when they come to us asking for a sanity check. It is a dual nature that most people have.

For a very long time, our skeptical side dominated our inventive side. But in the last few years the tide slowly began to turn. First of all, we began to be more aware of incentives. Given that we had already achieved a financial base, even a moderately successful idea might produce enough income to make a real difference in our future. Second, we longed for a creative outlet. Lastly, we began to realize that some of these ideas were not so impractical after all.