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This is the summary page for the entire blog. It is organized into sections so you can quickly find the topics that interest you most. The pointy post-serials are discussing all details about becoming financial independent for emerging online business people burning for self-development.

Financial savings for starters
Creating a framework for a realistic and targeted budget
Why Delay Spending?
Start Budgeting!
Create a Framework for Budgeting
All About Choices
Learning Budgeting from Children
Budgeting Software

Financial investments for starters
First steps towards financial literacy
Welcome to Reality
Education & Earnings
Assets & Liabilities
More Freedom: Living Economical or Working Life Away?
#1 Why Financial Independence?
#2 The Enemy
#3 The Friend

Advanced investments
Allocating money properly according to short- and long-term goals
ETF Portfolio Building

Online businesses for starters
Tips and tricks for handling the nuts and bolts of your small company
Start-Up or Corporate Job?
Impulse Purchase
Top Ten Online Markets

Personal self-development
Concepts and techniques for improving your personal life
Three Things we do not Learn in School
Five Areas in Life that Impact us Most
Mental Accounting








Deprecated but interesting
For learning purposes and in order to develop a proper software design, the blog went through several internal and external revisions over time. Some testing posts from previous versions attracted public interest, so we decided to leave them online. All following articles discuss exemplary stocks for a long-term buy-and-hold strategy.

Munich Re [analysis & evaluation]

United Kingdom
Tesco plc [analysis & evaluation]

United States of America
McDonald’s [analysis & evaluation]
Pfizer [in-depth analysis]

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