#3 The Friend

The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.

— Albert Einstein

Why you should let time and capital work for you together as a mantra.

Capital and time should be your devoted servant. Every €, gives you some cents back after one year. If you also let the gained pennies work next year for you, you will get even more the year after. This exponential effect leads to exponential capital growth, leading to the possibility of exponential speed to financial freedom. Foolproof acceleration – getting financial independent as quickly as possible.

If you have enough capital working for you (=employees, slaves or hamsters in hamster wheels), you have a stable income without worrying about. The more working income can be substituted by capital income, the more financial freedom you have. Your best friend – the eternal yield on the basis of invested capital, uses the compound interest to your advantage.

In the long run 5% net return per annum on the international markets can be achieved. Let’s say, you have 600,000 hamsters running, you get an effort-free passive income of €30,000 per year, forever, for whatever purposes, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Every €100,000 you have, gives you a lifelong annual rent of €5,000. This is how our capitalistic system works today. How can you get them? We will start with wise consumption, since a regular working income plus intelligent consumption shows be good starting point.

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